Tactical tips

These are a collection of pages containing tactical tips for the game Floorball. They are currently written for the version of the game that is played without a goalie, and with each team having four players. Naturally, many of the tactics described can be used for a wide variety of game versions.

Each page contains a short text, describing the tactical tip. It is followed by a picture showing a floorball court (or part of it), with red and blue filled circles on it. A red circle symbolises an opponent, while a blue circle symbolises a member of your own team. Red and blue arrows show how the players move, and a grey arrow shows how the ball is passed. Your team, blue, is defending the goal at the bottom, and attacking the goal at the top. The court, without any players on it, has been designed by Freddy Hansen, and looks as follows.

After the picture, there may be examples from games at Caltech where the tactical tip in question has been used.

Basic attack tactics.

Fast attacks.

Special attacks.

Basic defense tactics.

Defense against fast attacks.

Send us your tactical tips! Also feel free to comment on the contents and layout of existing pages.

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