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Frequently Asked Questions

We have received hundreds of emails from dozens of countries all over the world, especially Europe. Many of the questions asked are the same, so to save our precious time, we created this FAQ page. If you can't find what you're looking for, you're still welcome to write to us, of course!

How and when did floorball come to the USA?

Floorball came to the USA with Swedes who didn't want to stop playing just because they went abroad. We think it came around 1991.

Where is floorball played in the USA?

Check out the US Floorball Association web-page. Of course, you or your team are always welcome to come to Pasadena, California and play with (or against) us! If you're coming from Europe to the USA as a student or to work, don't expect to find a team where you are going, and certainly don't base a decision on where to go just because you heard that people play floorball there.

Where do you stand compared to other countries?

The first US National Team appeared in the B Division of the 2002 World Cup, and the team finished 14th (first among non-European countries). The best players at Caltech would probably play in Swedish division II or III.

Do you think that the game has good potential to spread further in the USA?

Yes. Due to its aerobic character, and that you play it wearing the same shoes and clothes as you wear when going to the gym, floorball is a good alternative to regular and step aerobics. With the current fitness hype (especially in California) the sport could attract a lot of people. Floorball is of course a really fun team sport, too, so many hockey, soccer, and basketball players will like it. The fact that floorball is much less violent than those three sports is good, too, and the sport is generally well-suited for men and women to play together.

Do you think that street hockey is hindering or aiding the spread of floorball in the USA?

Both. People who have played street hockey are likely to find floorball to be a lot of fun. Unfortunately, when many other people first hear of floorball they think that the sports are more similar than what they are, and that floorball is dangerous and that you need various protective equipment to play it. It is even a common misunderstanding that floorball is played with rollerblades, and we constantly have to explain that we play wearing gym shoes and no protective gear.

What is the situation like in Canada? As I understand it, they are not a member of the IFF at the moment?

We have had quite a few Canadians in the club. There is now a floorball club in Toronto, and they are off to a great start! See the Toronto club's website or the new and exciting Floorball Canada website for more information on floorball in Canada.

What rules do you play with?

We try to have the latest version of IFF's (International Floorball Federation) rules at hand and play by them. We have made the modifications recommended by SIBF (Swedish Floorball Federation) on how to play without goalies.

Why do you play without goalies?

Since floorball is still a small sport in the USA, it is hard to find anyone who wants to be a goalie. We have played with a goalie on rare occasions when we've had overseas visitors.

Do you have any tactical tips for goalies, or do you know where to find them?

Damir Bakonic of Slovenia has sent us this excellent pdf file by Laura Tomatisi and Nicola Zamboni with tips on goalie play. It is written in German.

Can you explain in more detail about the drills you use?

One of these days we will expand our tactical section. Until then, our tactics and drills will just have to be kept secret...

Is the sport called floorball or indoor bandy in the USA?

Floorball. We tried using indoor bandy for a while, just like in most European countries, but since very few people in the USA know what bandy is, the term indoor bandy is not very informative. Some players use the German name Unihockey (not to be confused with the brand name Unihoc!).

What is Caltech?

Caltech is the California Institute of Technology, a private university in Pasadena, California. As you might guess from the name, students generally go to Caltech to study science and engineering. The student body is small: roughly 900 undergraduate students and 1100 graduate students. Caltech is regarded as one of the top universities in the world. If you'd like to know more about Caltech, click here!
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