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Recorded stream of Match 1: US/Canada World Cup Qualifying Matches

Recorded-stream of Match 2: US/Canada World Cup Qualifying Matches

Information på svenska. (Current moderator does not speak Swedish, so this information is out-of-date.)

Caltech :The club is shut down and no longer has the gym. Email bandy@caltech.edu for more details.



We are playing floorball using the rules of the International Floorball Federation. To let you read through the rules faster, here's an excerpt from the complete rules!

Tactical tips

Dr. Andreas Kappler has provided us with packets on floorball basics, offensive strategy and defensive strategy. These pdf files will be helpful to the floorball beginner, and even experienced players might pick up something new. We also have some of Dr. Freddy Hansen's basic tips for play without goalies. Finally, some tactical advice for goalies is available in this excellent pdf file written in German by Laura Tomatisi and Nicola Zamboni. Thank you to Damir Bakonic of Slovenia for sending the file.

Some of the drills we've tried so far include:

  • Basic passing and shooting techniques.
  • Basic ball handling using cones as a slalom course.
  • Two-on-one attacks.
  • Pass-and-run schemes.
  • Drills with balls of two colours. Each colour has a different meaning.
  • Large-number-of-players teams, in games with two or more balls in use simultaneously.


If you are considering buying a stick and a ball of your own, make sure they are in this list of approved equipment. In response to some inquiries, we put together a short list of where you can start looking for your own stick.

US and International Floorball Links:

United States

Triangle Floorball Club (Raleigh, NC)

NYC Floorball Club (New York, NY)

So. Cal. United Floorball

United States
Floorball Association

Bay Area Floorball (San Francisco, CA)

Innebandy Chicago (Chicago, IL)

Denver Floorball (Denver, CO)

Austin Floorball (Austin, TX)

MIT Floorball Club (Boston, MA)


International Floorball Federation

Swedish Floorball Association
Floorball Canada

For more information:

See our page with Frequently Asked Questions, or send us an e-mail at bandy@its.caltech.edu. Please note that we can't reply to every email, since we receive large amounts from all you floorball players and fans over in Europe.

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